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7 Steps to Health - The Big Diabetes Lie


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7 Steps to Health Preview

“7 Steps to Health” by Max Sidorov has helped me tremendously in my efforts to become diabetes-free, and I’m certain it can help you, too! This proven system can help you stop, reverse, and even cure disease without the use of drugs, pills, or surgery. Includes the BIG DIABETES LIE – a 30 day plan to get you back on track to a normal, healthy life free of diabetes.

The Yoga Guidebook

There are also many who don’t even know what yoga is and have their own notions about it based on what they have heard or seen. Before you start practicing yoga, it’s important to understand what it means and its basic facts. This guidebook will get you started on basic yoga poses, exercises, and common mistakes to avoid.

Paleo Diet Challenge

Change is difficult. It’s a challenge to change our ingrained habits, whether we are going from a sedentary lifestyle to exercising daily, or going from gorging on chips and ice cream in front of the couch or grabbing whatever food we want on the go and going from that to the Paleo lifestyle.